This is the website of Anne A. Lawrence, MD, PhD.

  Dr. Lawrence retired from practice in 2015.

  She no longer sees patients and does not offer consultations.

  She cannot respond to requests for medical advice.

  She is no longer collecting autogynephilia narratives.

  She welcomes serious inquiries from clinicians, researchers, and journalists.

  Anne A. Lawrence
  225 Roy St Unit 2705
  Seattle, WA 98109


  Selected Publications:

  Lawrence, A. A. (2013). Men Trapped in Men's bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism. New York: Springer.

  Lawrence, A. A. (2017). Autogynephilia and the typology of male-to-female transsexualism: Concepts and controversies. European Psychologist, 22, 39-54.

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  Lawrence, A. A. (2009). Transgenderism in nonhomosexual males as a paraphilic phenomenon: Implications for case conceptualization and treatment. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 24, 188-206.

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  Lawrence, A. A. (2007). Becoming what we love: Autogynephilic transsexualism conceptualized as an expression of romantic love. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 50, 506-520.


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